Griffin Finance Limited (“GFL”), a subsidiary of Vetiva Capital Management Limited (“Vetiva Group”), is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to carry on business as a Finance Company. GFL runs one of the foremost non-bank financial intermediary boutiques in Nigeria with a corporate objective of providing financial and investment solutions that assist our clients achieve success within their expressed objectives. Our services include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Consumer Loans

GFL offers consumer and business loans to individuals and Micro-, Small- and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) at affordable and competitive rates.

Funds Management

We leverage our in-house competencies, group support and strategic alliances in managing funds for our clients in line with agreed investment objectives, tenor and rates.

Asset Finance

We provide both Finance Lease and Hire Purchase asset-financing options to our clients. Finance Lease avails the obligor (borrower/lessee) the option of asset-purchase at the expiry of agreed lease period whilst Hire Purchase allows the borrower acquire goods or assets through payments in instalments over an agreed period.

Local and International Trade Finance

GFL provides financial support to contractors and vendors in executing their local purchase orders (LPOs) and work-orders, and facilitates Imports and Exports of goods through its LPO Finance and Import-Export Finance offerings.

Project Finance

Asides supporting infrastructural/industrial projects with loanable funds to be repaid through expected cashflow of same projects, we provide financing for projects promoted by small scale ventures and public-private partnership and concessions.

Debt Securitization & Covered Bonds

GFL packages and markets asset-backed securities (ABS) against the cashflows of existing assets; thus providing financial support for the sell-side of the business.

Loan Syndication

For very large ticket projects, we provide financial solution to our clients through partnership with our financial institutions- both banks and non-banks, in harnessing funds through syndicated loan structures.

Financial Consultancy

We offer financial advisory and consultancy services to our clients.

Issuing of Vouchers, Coupons, Cards & Token Stamps

GFL provides payments-system services to its clients.